The project




The Project is supported by the ESI Association: The aim is to introduce and educate children from an early age to intercultural education’, creating and spreading a source of wealth,  promoting open-mindedness resulting in greater solidarity and peace.


Indeed, in the current climate, tolerance, mutual understanding and respect are paramount to reducing conflicts between people.


As Nelson Mandela said : "Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world" 


Our mission : 


  • Create a link between classes from different countries in the world.
  • Share with people who do not have the opportunity to travel.
  • Promote cultural exchanges and assist in creating a dialogue between people involved.


How ?


Create a link between classes from different countries of the world :


Firstly- by approaching remote schools and introducing them to a French class and secondly -develop this link between classes in various continents.


The goal is to create a digital correspondence in places where it is possible or handwritten correspondence in the most remote places (letters still are the best way to get to know each other!). We also want to create an exchange of books and stories between schools.


 Create opportunities to learn new cultures for those who have not been able to travel :



Our project supports the association L’enfant@l’hôpital, which is also the first partnership that we created. For 30 years the "L’enfant@l’hôpital” Association has sent Educator Teams into schools throughout France, to assist children and teenagers hospitalized with illnesses or disabilities and / or learning disabilities.


- The association offers children and youth to interact with explorers through the internet, to train in computers, digital photography and also participate in workshops discovering writing, drawings and so forth.

- The association offers Kolibri software via its private internet platform, enabling cyber-reporters to send stories with photos, puzzles and personally interact with children from all over the world

Thereby, we will use the Kolibri tool in that purpose throughout the whole period of travel.


You can find more informations about the association on their website: L'enfant@l'hôpital



Exchange with different cultures and create a dialogue :



To do this we wanted to create educational tools promoting this exchange and that can be sustainable over time.


Realization of Educational Workshops based on two axes :


  •    Discover the World : overview of countries, trades, quizzes and fun workshops.
  •    One tale,The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint Exupéry 



To begin with ESI launches the operation "Little Prince" of St Exupéry that will leave meet to 10 schools on 5 continents.


As a poetic tale, The Little Prince is loved for its childlike simplicity and profound wisdom. With a timeless charm it tells the story of a little boy who leaves the safety of his own tiny planet to travel the universe and learn from  a series of extraordinary encounters. It contains reflections on topics such as friendship, love, imagination and individual... Subjects that speak to all ! Due to his success, it has been translated into more than 200 languages as Quechua (peruvian language) and Khmer (cambodian language). 

Using a common tool in the various countries visited, is a real chance that will allow us to highlight and analyze the different points of view and reactions based on cultural codes and stories of each. It will be interesting to compare how in every culture children recognize values and how they apply this in their daily lives.

The Little Prince could be illustrated in every school of the countries visited. These images speak for themselves.


This book is a good starting point to initiate the sharing of tales between children in other countries. It offers a common tool for all mankind to open up to other cultures through their childhood and education.


The goal is to make an account of differences in perception of the children and learn more about ourselves and how to manage conflicts 




Creating a platform for sharing



I plan on creating a platform to bring together school children that I encountered during my trip and to support the exchange and the sharing of knowledge of different cultures. A tool where would be identified to store writings, drawings and photos of the children enabling to discover for themselves, their mutual achievements. The goal is that they can exchange between them their lives, their traditions, sometimes through associations (for the most isolated populations and those that do not speak English) even without my presence. Most often their issues, as their common point, lies in the particularity of the place they’re living in, and it is very interesting and educating to see how they adapted their environment to a culture of their own. I hope that this tool will survive through time and that children will continue to exchange and share their daily lives for years. 




Blog, video, photo

Miscellany of the favorite tales of children we met around the world

Web documentary


Return :



Develop and maintain the links established between the different classes all over the world

Involve travellers to the project by arranging meetings, writings, but also donation of books and supplies.


It is very important that the project continues to thrive after we have left and continue to be used as an educational tool by the different schools. In that purpose, we will launch the project through the association, involving volunteers and travellers who wish to invest themselves. We will continue to maintain links and exchanges that have been established between the different classes, with the hope it will continue to live a long life


One event  : An exhibition

This exhibition will be the opportunity to assemble Peach team, but also our partners, kissbankers, donors and every single person that contributed to this great adventure. A photography exhibition will show you the different schools, teachers and the best moments we lived, but also some children drawings and letters. 
This exhibition will be a good way to summarize these month of travel, but also to explain what is the situation for the association at this moment and what we see and want for the future.