Our journey to visit schools around the world already started, but more than ever we need your support to help the project. Today, every donation is used for two major axes that we are currently developing and that are crucials for the project:


- Our interventions in the schools. We want them to be equal for everyone and so we are trying to adapt our meetings with teachers and children regarding their country and traditions. It means:


  • Creations of personalized workshops for children
  • Purchase of books and tales in children language ("The Little Prince" workshops)
  • If necessary, collaboration with an interpreter
  • Purchase of school supplies

- The creation of an online exchange platform dedicated to the schools. This platform must be created by a webdeveloper and webmaster in order to be the most efficient possible as it really represents the heart of this project, which is to find an easy and durable way to connect schools and let them communicate together, without any Peach member around in order to create a real solidarity and intercultural exchange. This is our biggest and most difficult job in this project and this is why we still need your help and support.


Our partners:


Our project is already supported and helped by the travel agency Marco Vasco, Sachs Visa Legalisation company, UniKite, the association l'Enfant@l'hôpital and Solidaires by Crédit Agricole CIB. Other partnerships are actually discussed, do not hesitate to contact us if you're interested and want to become one of our partners.



Peach project wouldn't exist without our crowdfunding campaign through and the support of our 83 amazing kissbankers. We will never be able to thank them as much as we want: la tahish, Midette, ISLAC, UHninTun, couz', Lomou, Heloise.Trnvz, FGE, Thibescof, Aidi, Greg.Bess, Damelolo, Collino2, popo2000, Morgane G, cwill, ALJOY, CMISSK, Pallu, Soflepage, Remicampet, benjipiano, pokapow, laured0581, Julien.Abulfeda, ValentineSartoris, mbulman, Manondeb, cynthia gaborit, narvalo77, Thomas Schurrer, CharlesD, MarineTricheux, Artifices, Mary3363, Aurel l'Aurel, LaureGallian, Reisk.Habalti, Laurène_V, sab_be, Orcalight, ValentineThib, FredBrin, Caroline E., agontier,Mathilde.Al, Colibri Infini, Lucie.Vial, Charles V, sophielafay , adriano21, Abbycacharel, EstelleBrg, Marionmagicjohnson , Dibulle69, mary6279, Beange, Warie's.Belmont, Allouwa, ClemOrange, acingoz, Mez, Hugobdx, François of Garches, CLEEMANS, Fifou do brasil, Alexandre.Mikulski, ludeloo, Sochaar, , Huchettecaveau, alainchrun, Stéphane.Chu, od for peach, Claire Quelamour, , Roloup, CéMour, Gherardo, la fof, Caropix, Market69, MrV, BMforpeach, abel53