Peach members

Created by Olivia Mouchet in July 2016, the ESI association has 3 members and is helped by volunteers that has been very supportive since the very beginning. Here is our team :

Olivia Mouchet33 years old, explorer through my bones, my humanistic values, my thirst for discovery and my good interpersonal skills have always motivated my choices and my meetings.


Coming from a large family whose structure is not the most common, the basis of my upbringing focused on love and sharing. I had the opportunity to go to a Montessori school, which pedagogy is based on the sensory and kinesthetic education of the child. The goal is to foster self-confidence, independence, while allowing the child to develop at his own pace and in complete freedom. This method of education really brought riches today and contributes greatly to the person I am. Moreover, the genius that was Roald Dahl rocked my childhood evenings from the age of 7 years. I think it also contributes to the fact that I think everything is possible. " And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it " Roald Dahl. Later, my studies have taken their course, and I had initiated various projects and worked in diverse and exciting projects. Throughout the beginning of my life (so far), I had the chance to have many unforgettable encounters and to learn a lot from my exchanges and travels. Today, I would like to share these experiences and build upon it to participate in the development of a more inclusive education throughout the world in order to ultimately promote peace. It is through all this that I am who I am today and I am passionately dedicated to the growing  importance of education for the future of our beautiful world.


The inspiration came to me in 2007 following the two days convention of Mr. Doudou Diène, former Director of the Division of Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue of Unesco. I was in the midst of my Master 2 studies specializing in Economy and Tourism Management for the Tourism Industry and Equitable Development. Since this unforgettable convention, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I could put into place to foster knowledge and sharing our cultures in order to live in peace. 

Romain Joyeux27 years old, passionate about travel since I reached the majority, it allowed me to discover different cultures and visions of the world that I want to share.


I am convinced that it is during our childhood that we forge a major part of what we will be later. I had the chance to go abroad very young with my family on vacation and to discover the feeling of change of scenery that I cherished more than anything while most of my friends stayed in France. This was the beginning of a constant desire to escape through the adventure cinema with Indiana Jones and Allan Quatermain or books like Jack London, Hemingway or Stevenson.

I consider today the journey as a source of openness absolute and necessary to all because it allows to live together, to better understand each other, and to make this simple observation that finally we are not so different. Approaching a period of my life where I think of my duty as a parent, Olivia's project convinced me. Peach is an ideology and an infinite chance for me because it brings together my passion for travel and meetings with my desire to open minds in France or elsewhere to the children of the world who are the future of tomorrow.


At a time when the number of cultural, ecological or solidarity projects are growing like seeds, whether through good-will or real conviction, my discussions with Olivia led me to understand that her goal was sincere and noble and that for the first time of my life I could roll up my sleeves and try to do something for the others, try to change things instead of constantly complaining as a spectator.


Marie Juillet, 22 years old, accompanied us for 6 weeks between Burma and Cambodia. She wanted to give her time during her sabbatical year in order to meet the children of Asia and helped us during several interventions in the classes, especially during workshops of traditional outfits of the world and our reading sessions of ''The Little Prince''. Thank you for your support and participation!


Marie Belmont is our Spanish brain and a very nice meeting that took place in Paris in 2016. She has always believed in the project, even before it really started, and has been very involved since the beginning. Indeed, Marie helped us to become known at the time of crowdfunding, but also for Spanish translations and continues to participate in our communication. Chance doing things well, she expatriated to Argentina for a while and takes to heart to make us known on the South American continent. Thanks again.

Bruno Mouchet, 63 years old, is our treasurer. Thanks to his experience in banking and his general knowledge, his help is invaluable and saves us from losing ourselves in this complex labyrinth that is accounting, especially for an association!